Testing of mobile video streaming services

In this site we compare several different video streming services. Main focus will be in live mobile video broadcasting.

January 10, 2010

Third latency test - Qik against USTREAM

In this test we run Qik Live against USTREAM on iPhone 3 GS over 3G-connection.
Please notice that you can't stream live with USTREAM before you get approval to do so (instructions).

Final results in latency/frame rate test:
  1. qik live
  3. Bambuser
Before you go screaming for the qik live, please notice they don't support live chat but ustream does.
We will next move on to desktop streaming, resolution tests and later on to usability, features and API's.

January 6, 2010

Second round in latency test - QIK beats B second time

We were asked to run test again, this time with lower video quality. We lowered only Bambuser settings trying to get them to same level in frame rate.

PS. I've been asked to test QIK against ustream. I'll do that when I get approval of being able to stream live with ustream.

January 5, 2010

QIK wins first round in latency test

In this test we tested latency and frame rate of QIK and Bambuser, both with iPhone and Nokia. 3G upstream bandwidth was tested beforehand and they were about the same in all 4 mobiles. Both Bambuser and QIK were set to maximum video and audio quality.

January 3, 2010

First test with 4 mobile phones and 1 HD-cam

In this test we shot 4 different concurrent video streams and reference video to the tape. We used following setup:
Network connectionWi-Fi 10M
Video QualityBest
Audio QualityBest
Tested servicesBambuser and Qik
Test devices #1 Nokia N95, Bambuser v. 1.03(6)
#2 Nokia E71, QIK v. 1.0.25
#3 iPhone 3 GS 32G, QIK for 3 GS v. 4.32
#4 iPhone 3 GS 32G, Bambuser v. 1.6.7
Video Time line 00:00:30 Introductions
00:01:00 Services used
00:01:30 Test #1: News paper
00:01:55 Test #2: Nokia monitor test
00:02:15 Test #3: Wide angle test
00:02:45 Test #4: Audio sweep from 10Hz to 200Hz
00:03:35 Test #5: Audio, Music
00:04:20 Test #6: Low light, indoor
00:04:45 Test #7: Low light, outdoor


QIK for 3GS


3 GS

Cam #4 / iPhone 3 GS, 3 mpix camera
Bandwidth used: 298 M (!)

Cam #3 / iPhone 3 GS, 3 mpix camera
Bandwidth used: 54 M


Cam #1 / Nokia N95, 5 mpix camera
Bandwidth used: 53 M

Cam #2 / Nokia E71, 3 mpix camera
Bandwidth used: 76 M

Youtube HQ
Cam #0 / Sony HD video cam + YouTube

First thing you notice is a poor focus in both Nokia videos. Both Nokia devices has a real mechanical focus but it seems that neither Bambuser or QIK can use it. That's why image of both services is far more better when using iPhone.

Links: Audio sweep test (check your own speakers with this for reference)
Music: Electric Lady Band - Six-Pack Thanks Rene!

January 1, 2010

Test rig

We need a test rig to hold 2 Nokia phones and 2 iPhones. It is also nice to have video camera for reference shots. This is what we ended up to make: